Conquest 2022

Our next games convention, Conquest 2022 is happening over the Easter long weekend in April 2022!

3 days full of TTRPG (including D&D), miniature wargames, LARP and more! We are planning to host Dungeons & Dragons and various other RPGs.

Conquest games convention in Melbourne
Picnic Panic – a unique tabletop game with edible pieces!


Conquest 2022 will run from April 15 (Good Friday) to April 17 (Easter Sunday).


We will be at the Batman Royale event centre (towards the back of the venue), Coburg North, Victoria 3058.

What can I do at Conquest?

There will be all kinds of tabletop games to play. And you can even run your own! (Booking essential if you would like to DM or demo a game – as space will be limited.)

Come along and peruse the trader’s section, where you can purchase all manner of gaming items, geeky merch, and character art by local artists.

Can I buy tickets?

Not yet! The org team are working behind the scenes. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to find out when this changes.