Conquest @ PAX

Conquest are running a table at PAX Aus 2022. Come join us!

Missed out on Conquest this year, or want to see what we’re all about? Thanks to ARC Presents: PAX Aus at the Table, attendees at PAX Aus 2022 will have a chance to try out sample-sized versions of the games some of our talented GMs have to offer.

What is PAX Aus?

To paraphrase what’s described on the PAX Aus website, PAX Aus is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring panels, an expo hall, game demos, musical performances, tournaments, vendors, and of course free play games of the video, board, and tabletop varieties.

Nestled in the Tabletop section, you’ll find PAX Aus at the Table, home of Tabletop RPGs at PAX.


When and Where?

PAX Aus is held across the 7th to 9th of October 2022, and is located at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Conquest @ PAX Aus 2022 7-9 October

Conquest @ PAX Games:

Call of Cthulhu: A Stone's Throw from Atlantis

Call of Cthulhu: A Stone’s Throw from Atlantis

Southern Spain, 1924. After a two day truck ride from Seville into the Doñana wetlands near the southern coast, the investigators arrive at the dig site of archaeologist Dr. Andrea Schuller.

Schuller has invited them here to witness a find that she claims will rival Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Join your fellow investigators on a quest to understand mysteries that should have stayed buried in this 2 hour Call of Cthulhu adventure. Characters are provided and no prior experience is required.

GM: Henry
Max players: 5
Rating: MA15+
Content warning: Horror, gore, monstrous creatures
Safety tools: Open table policy, X-Card

Star Wars Living Force

“Be mindful of the living Force, my young Padawan.”

The Cularin system lies at the edge of the Outer Rim, but it’s at the center of countless intrigues, mysteries and machinations.  Thousands arrive in the system each year seeking danger and excitement.  They’ll find it.  An ancient evil is awakening to confront them all… with the power of the living Force.

Modular Star Wars games set in the Old Republic (prior to Episode 2).  Star Wards d20 Revised edition rules, circa 2002.

GM: Leah and Megan
Max players: 6
Rating: PG
Content warning: Star Wars level violence expected. Aliens. Jedi. (Very) occasional alcohol or drug references.

Cyberstone: Who dun what, to who and why?

So you got a gig working for one of the Corporations. No more slumming in the biker gangs, no more scavenging for stuff. Best of all, because you are low ranked, you don’t even have corp stresses to worry about. Life is going to be easy for the four of you…

The lights flash red and around you security all scramble for their duty stations.

That’s ok you guys are not part of the security detail, you don’t have to worry about…

Your phone beeps with a message. “Report for deployment!”

A cyberpunk style game set in the Cyberstone Universe for 4 players.

Can the newest recruits to the Special Projects Department deal with temptation, upholding the law, and keeping General Jones happy?

GM: Pagrin
Max players: 4
Rating: PG

Game session sign ups will be available in-person over the PAX Aus weekend.

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