Black Star Labyrinth – Dungeons & Dragons

GM: Will Broom

Player capacity: 2-6

System: Basic Dungeons & Dragons

System knowledge required: None

Rating: PG



Long ago, the Nomo came from afar and conquered your world. After destroying your heroes and enslaving your gods, they carried back your greatest treasures to their underground fortress – the Black Star Labyrinth. Since that time, the interdimensional Nomo empire has collapsed and the Labyrinth lies abandoned. You will venture into this subterranean maze, braving fiendish traps and strange monsters, to retrieve the stolen treasures of your ancestors.

Black Star Labyrinth is a megadungeon in the style of old-school D&D. Players can explore freely within the dungeon and set their own goals. There is no pre-planned story, so no two sessions are alike. Changes in the dungeon are carried over between sessions, so players may find clues left behind by previous adventuring parties.

Basic D&D (1983) is one of the earliest editions of Dungeons & Dragons. The rules are relatively simple and easy to learn on the fly. This game will also use Old School Essentials, a new adaptation that maintains the classic rules but with modern information design for smoother play.