By a Dark River

GM: Travis Hall

Player capacity: 21 to 22

System knowledge required: None.

Rating: M



by Travis Hall and Sarah Western

Far below the world in which mortal men dwell, beyond the World-River and the sunset, in a cavern so large no eye may make out roof or wall, lies a land of gloom and mist unending. Here, guided by Hermes’ hand, come the shades of the dead to wander the shores, ’til Charon the ferryman comes to carry them o’er the Stream of Woe to Hades’ realm.

At this land’s farthest reach, there is a place where the Acheron flows into the Styx. There no mortal man nor shade nor child of Zeus himself may press on unaided, and so gather there wanderers to rest and wait by a bloodied pit under the flickering red light of distant fire.

None has ever gone farther than these travellers upon their own feet. What drives them to walk so far, to stand on the bank and search the darkness? What destinations draw them on? And who shall they meet, to become companions or enemies upon their journeys yet to come?

A chance meeting of 22 heroes, shades and other wayfarers waiting for their travels to continue.