Call of Cthulhu – Scritch Scratch

GM: Henry Walshaw

Player capacity: 2-6, best with 4

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed

System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session

Rating: M. Rats, mild to moderate violence, Call of Cthulhu sanity loss mechanic, supernatural themes



Set in the modern-day, in a quiet valley somewhere in the north of England, this adventure concerns the demise of an age-old tradition in the quaint village of Muscoby—and the consequences of forgetting the Old Ways.

Muscoby has never not had a rat catcher. Old Gurteen has been carrying on the tradition in the village, but recently he was involved in an accident and is now hospitalised. With Old Gurteen away, who will ensure the rat population is kept in check?

If you’re interested in problem solving in your role playing games, supernatural horror, have never played Call of Cthulhu before and want to try something new, or you’re a long time veteran this one shot scenario set in the modern day will let you flex those investigator muscles.

Characters are provided so all you need will be a pen or pencil and some dice.

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