Dantir: Beyond the Stones

GM: Megan Bushby

Player capacity: 6

System knowledge required: None

Rating: PG



Chimera Productions presents Dantir: Beyond the Stones tabletop

This game uses character details from the LARP but runs in a tabletop format.

Dantir is a unique high fantasy setting with a variety of playable races and cultures; magic, monsters and intrigue; roguish plots to uncover and ancient ruins to explore.

Pre-generated characters available at the table for new players or BYO current character from the LARP, all XP and story experiences will be transferable to the LARP format of the game!
NOTE: No character updates will be done prior to or at this event, bring a copy of your character as it was last sent to you.

The game system will use d10s for randomization for some tasks, but will mostly be systemless storytelling, to create events that are not possible in a LARP environment.