Dark Vigil

ARC @ Conquest

GM: Vastilev Games

Player capacity: 2 to 5. Runs best with 4.

System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.

Rating: MA 15+. There is the potential for violence and horror.



The world has gone dark. There are *things* out there. No-one knows what happened exactly, but the only safe places now are the villages and towns protected by the Great Lanterns. With every settlement cut off from the others by the Darkness, the only communication and trade is that carried by the Venturers who walk the Darkness.

You are a Venturer, and it is your job to explore the Darkness in search of resources, trade, communication and answers. But don’t forget…strange creatures and things creep through the Darkness and if you let your Lantern go out…they will find you.

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