Beginners D&D 5e – Ghostfire Gaming Fables

ARC @ Conquest

GM: Miek

Player capacity: 6

System: D&D 5E

System knowledge required: Low. Knowledge of system will add to the game, but not required.

Rating: M. Violence.



Beginners D&D 5e running Fables – Citadel of the Unseen Sun


Miek and her team are running the first episode in the Fables – Citadel of the Unseen Sun series by Ghostfire Gaming.

Sponsored by Ghostfire Gaming, we are presenting the first Grim Hollow adventure.

The full story is divided into six episodes and takes place in the Ostoyan Empire, a realm of eternal night where the sun has vanished from the sky and vampires rule the land with an iron fist.

We also have some amazing Grim Hollow products to give away!

We want to support new players to D&D and those that are yet to fully skill up. However, everyone is welcome to join the fun.

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