Highlights from the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge

GM: Ivan

Player capacity: 3 or more

System: Various

System knowledge required: None

Rating: MA 15+


Over 400 games were submitted to last year’s 200 Word RPG Challenge and this event will introduce you to some of the most interesting, innovative, and unusual entries… as well as a few disasters.

We’ll be exploring not only competition winners and finalists, but also some fascinating entries that slipped through the cracks for one reason or another. Games explored include:

  • Zombie Mall: The classic trope of using a mall to hide from a zombie apocalypse given the added twist of using junk mail catalogues to symbolise the stores in the mall.
  • FINAL GIRLS: You are a group of girls being hunted by a terrifying killer. But you’ve sworn an oath; if you’re going down, he’s going with you. You will be the final girls he’s ever gonna kill.
  • We Are Sorry: You all play the cat. It is capable of many things. It is also capable of hideously transforming so it can do multiple things at once. It keeps transforming and mutating. It just won’t stop! It is also hungry.
  • Object Delusion Support Group: A hilarious examination of the simple things we do and how odd they must seem to outsiders.
  • (don’t) Fight Suzanne: Suzanne thinks she can take on the grand masters of combat. They really don’t want to hurt her. How can you avoid fighting Suzanne without clipping her wings?

and many more…