Middle-Earth SBG @ Conquest

GM: Tim Wraight

Player capacity: 8 or more

System: Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

System knowledge required: Moderate.

Rating: G



Come along for a casual tournament of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

This tournament will consist of 4 rounds in one day. Army lists cannot exceed 500pts. Army lists must be written in accordance with the rules in the Middle-Earth SBG rulebook and can use profiles from the current publications (Armies of the Lord of the Rings, Armies of the Hobbit, Gondor at War, Scouring of the Shire and War in Rohan).

Games will be played on 4ft x 4ft tables.

Trophies and Prizes

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Favourite Army
  • Favourite Player