Rise of the Metro-Gnome

GM: Conor and Ivan

Player capacity: 20 to 25

System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session

Rating: PG – Super-powered violence



London UK, New Year’s Eve, 1999.

With mere minutes until midnight British officials wait with bated breath to ensure their Y2K precautions have been sufficient. As Big Ben begins to toll computers remain unaffected, but reports start to arrive describing unusual and extraordinary activity. Dinosaurs in Hyde Park. A spacecraft crashes into Ben Nevis. A force of knights in coal-black armour ride into Liverpool. A fleet of Nazi zeppelins drop paratroopers into Suffolk.

The events aren’t limited to the British Isles, and around the globe hundreds of bizarre events begin to plunge the world into chaos. Amid all of this mayhem, world leaders receive a message from a criminal mastermind claiming responsibility. He is the Metro-Gnome and he demands the Earth surrender or be shattered into the chronostream…

The world’s only chance is Libra International, that league of peacekeepers and heroes who specialise in the extraordinary. But can even they stand in the way of a threat to time itself?

Rise of the Metro-Gnome is a one-session multiform set in a super-powered world of Absolute Power. Players take on the role of Libra officials responsible for creating and commanding elite cadres of extraordinary heroes at one of the most pivotal moments in modern history. This game utilises elements of freeform roleplaying and some board game principles.

By Conor Trouw with Ivan Nevill.

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