Scape Goat

GM: Zofia Witkowski-Blake and Herbert Peppard

Player capacity: 20-50

System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session

Rating: PG. This game contains themes of death and loss of agency (specific only to simple in-game mechanics ).



In a small town, in a dark forest, people are going missing.

The disappearances are shrouded in mystery, and whispers of dark magic abound.

Witch hunters sent to the area have vanished or returned to the capitol, infected by madness.

Enough is Enough!

A grand army led by the pope now marches for retribution; if no culprit is found by the time of their arrival, they will raze the small town to the ground, burn the dark forest and salt the earth where it once stood.

Inhabitants of the small town must now solve the mystery themselves or face certain death!

Scape Goat is a three-hour ‘freeform’ style parlour LARP (live-action role-playing game, similar to ‘how to host a murder’) full of magic and mystery where you play as townspeople trying desperately to preserve your way of life.
Characters are randomly generated and assigned on the day; No prior experience with role-playing games is required. All players are welcome to participate.

Scape Goat was created by Zofia Witkowski-Blake and Herbert Peppard in association with Tabletop Dynasties.

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