Strike Out: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

GM: Logan Timmins

Player capacity: 2 to 6

System: Strike Out

System knowledge required: None

Rating: PG



Strike Out is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic world where anyone and everyone has the spark of wild elemental magic.

In a world ruined by the negligence of the corrupt Old Government, the people are left divided into Factions arguing over how the world should be governed next. Among these people are those with an innate thirst to make a difference, for better or worse.

Players will take on the roles of these change-makers who hold within them not only this drive to make a difference, but some unidentifiable force that keeps them from death… for a time. As players know and characters find out, these people can in fact die 4 times. After the first 2 deaths, characters suffer a minor detriment, a cost to balance their second chances. After the 3rd death they gain a major boon, a final gift to aid them. After the 4th death, they are no more for this plane.

Strike Out is a flexible system, aimed to encourage players to think outside of the box, with mechanics to help them do that. The magic system especially encouraged this, with a loose verb-noun elemental system that allows players to cast most any spell they can imagine. The world of Strike Out is free from racism, sexism and ableism, with concrete queer and disabled representation. Any actions against these values will not be tolerated.