The Enigma Equation

GM: Bryce

Player capacity: 4-6

System: Savage Worlds, The Last Parsec

System knowledge required: Low. Knowledge of system is helpful but not required.

Rating: PG



From small beginnings come great things, sometimes even the fate of an entire star! So it is for a team of JumpCorp freelancers tasked with finding a key researcher gone missing. What’s this lab coat gotten himself mixed up in? The kind of trouble only a scientist can blunder into when the super-powerful object of his research lies smack in the middle of an ancient artefact, a star-altering equation, and the humuorless alien cult that worships it all! The Enigma Equation is an adventure for the Last Parsec, entailing the journey to Tomb in the Omicron cluster and the mysterious Shadow Star. So fire up that starship and set off for the Omicron cluster, the life of a JumpCorp exploratory team was never meant to be easy.