The Wake

GM: Travis Hall

Player capacity: 15

System knowledge required: None.

Rating: M



by Travis Hall

The Nyngan region of central NSW have seen hard times in recent years. Though some other areas have fared worse, Australia’s worst drought in living memory has devastated many farms here.

In amongst the barren fields, though, remains one farm where the wheat still grows healthy and golden. A house too empty for too long is filled with people. Owner Trevor Sheppard had looked forward to seeing scattered family and friends again. He just wishes this reunion could have been under better circumstances.

The Sheppard family have gathered to say farewell to a loved one, lost far too soon. It isn’t the first such gathering in recent days. They know it won’t be the last either. But this is the one when nobody can tell them why.

A murder mystery with a supernatural twist for 15 relatives, friends and unexpected visitors.