Achtung Cthulhu Savage Worlds

GM: JoeKano
Player Capacity: 3-6
Rating: MA 15+



Dunkirk opened your eyes to the secret war going on to control the dark forces that exist in this world. Its a year later, you have trained and learned and hope you are ready, because you are heading back to Europe.

The Enemy is once again on the move, and forces Dark and Terrible stir across the Continent. Once more you will venture forth as members of Her Eternal Majesties Arcane Service…

Session Start Times

Good Friday (April 19th)
12:30 pm – One space remaining
4 pm
7:30 pm – One space remaining

Easter Sunday (April 21st)
12:30 pm – One space remaining
4 pm – Waiting List only, session fully booked.