Cypher System Games Presented by Anestis Kozakis

A selection of games using the Cypher System rules:

Numenera: Forgetting Doomsday
The Strange: Venom Rising
Unmasked: Mister Monster
Gods of the Fall: Rites of Spring

GM: Anestis Kozakis
Player capacity: 2-6 players per session
Rating: PG (Numenera, The Strange, Unmasked), MA15+ (Gods of the Fall)



All of the below games use and expand on the base Cypher System Rules.  The Cypher System Rules Primer can be downloaded for free from the Monte Cook Website:

Pre-generated characters will be provided.  Those familiar with the Cypher System and various settings can also bring along their own if they wish.


Earth a billion years from now, much is forgotten, more is not understood.  Outside the region called The Steadfast, home to humanity, lies The Beyond – unexplored, uncivilised, unknown.

Scenario: Forgetting Doomsday
Two villages, Ovon and Zeph, sit at either end of a long valley, separated by a ravaged, war-torn stretch of land. Founded generations ago by twin brothers with the shared dream of an empire, they are now separated by a long history of hatred and war.  An installation in the middle of the valley arises overnight.  What is it for?  What will it do?  Is it dangerous?  Someone needs to find out.


Forces from across multiple realities work to bring about the destruction of Earth, with only agents of The Estate to stand in their way, to keep the world safe.  Sliders meets Stargate, in a multiverse where every fictional reality is accessible to those who can travel between realms.

Scenario: Venom Rising
Everyone believes that a Quiet Cabal radical has destroyed various Zal facilities, but now that she’s gone into hiding, she’ll go unpunished. Finding the radical, or evidence that will clear her, is up to the you.


It’s the 90’s and there are no mobile phones.  You have a mask that you have made from odds and ends that have called to you.  When you put the mask on you are transformed into a Superhero.  You can recognised others who are like you, even if they aren’t wearing their mask.  This makes going to high school and being a teenager challenging.  Avoiding the authorities and the media is a must.  There is also something dark and hidden hunting you and your friends…

Scenario: Mister Monster
The Fall Formal is only a few days away.  However, it seems likely that the rivalry between Arnold Desedero, an upstanding Sophomore, and Steven Yarborough, the star quarterback, is heating up.  No one knows how or when it started.  However, it seems like things could end up badly for one of them.


The gods are dead and you are their inheritors.  Will you use your powers to save the world, or damn it to chaos and destruction?

Sceanrio: Rite of Spring
You must defend a mother in labor, he “Gift of Spring”, from an increasingly determined assault from a variety of foes.
If the you can hold out until the child is born, you might just fulfill one of the prophecies.


For more information on the Cypher System or any of the above settings visit the links provided.  Information can also be found at

Session Start Times

Note that the below is a proposed timetable, and is flexible! If you have a full group that want to play a different Cypher System game than is listed at a specific time, let us know and we’ll see if arrangements can be made.

Good Friday (April 19th)
12:30 pm – Numenera
7:30 pm – Gods of the Fall

Easter Saturday (April 20th)
9:00 am – The Strange
4:00 pm – Unmasked
7:30pm – Gods of the Fall

Easter Sunday (April 21st)
9:00 am – Numenera
12:30 pm – Numenera (newly added)
4:00 pm – The Strange

Easter Monday (April 22nd)
9:00 am Unmasked