Harry Potter and the Twist of Fate

GM: Shaun Hately
Player Capacity: 4-6
Rating: G



“Magic has the ability to break down many barriers in our society. To this end, I propose that the four of us come together to found a school, each selecting pupils according to our own theories and philosophers to better create a Wizarding World that can survive the predations of the growing Muggle populace. In time we may find it necessary to hide ourselves and so I propose an isolated location for this school.

Magic to break down the barriers.”

– Rowena Ravenclaw, translated from the foundational documents for Hogwarts School.


A single session scenario based loosely on the d20 Modern System.

Session Start Times

Good Friday (April 19th)

Easter Saturday (April 20th)

Easter Sunday (April 21st)

Easter Monday (April 22nd)