The Hijack of Patient Zero

A freeform for 14 passengers on an Oceanic Air Ambulance special flight out of central Africa.

GM: Travis Hall

Capacity: 14

Rating : MA 15+



Ebola haemorrhagic fever is amongst the most deadly of all known diseases. The most common subtype of the disease, Ebola-Zaire, also features the highest mortality rate. Over 80% of all patients die.

“No, we cannot take anyone else. There is no room. Go home! Stay there, and you will survive!”

There is currently no treatment for Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Patients receive supportive therapy only.

“Maybe this is our chance to do something more. We can’t just walk away from this.”

Barrier nursing techniques are effective at minimising the spread of Ebola. A well-equipped hospital is quite capable of containing an outbreak, as long as precautionary procedures are followed.

“On the plane? No, out of the question.”

Most outbreaks occur in undeveloped regions of Africa, where medical treatment is often primitive, insufficient, or simply unavailable. In some cases, hospitals have become sources of infection more then sources of treatment.

“That’s it, they’re pulling us out. We can’t help here any more.”

Following outbreaks of Ebola-Reston in a research facility, USAMRIID experiments showed that aerosol transmission of all strains of Ebola is possible. Fortunately, aerosol transmission does not seem to occur naturally.

“Bring her here. Yes, I know the risk. Just do it.”

Following the onset of symptoms, most victims will die after an average of about ten days. By this time, the patient will not have developed any significant immune response to the virus.

“That can’t be right. Nobody develops the antibodies that quickly.”

“Yes, but she’s different. You knew that when you did the test. Nobody else survives that long without treatment, either.”

“So what do we do with her now?”

“Well, we can’t leave her here, can we?”

A freeform for 14 passengers on an Oceanic Air Ambulance special flight out of central Africa.

Session Start Times

Easter Saturday (April 20th)

Easter Sunday (April 21st)

Trophies and Prizes

GM’s Choice, Players’ Choice