Wings of Glory World War 2 Victorian Championship 2019

GM: Mick Griffiths
Player Capacity: 24
Rating: G



“Wings of Glory” is a World War II air combat miniatures game using 1/200 scale aircraft. Players re-create exciting dogfights and bombing missions using beautifully detailed miniature aircraft.

The Wings of Glory World War 2 – 2019 Victorian Championship is being run on Monday 22nd April. Registration begins at 9.00 am. Games begin at 9.15 am. Four games will be scheduled with a maximum 75 minutes per game.

Game Rules. Standard Rules as detailed in the Wings of Glory rule book will be used (page 11) note this means altitude rules will NOT be used.
Tailing Rule will be used (page 18).
Aim Rule will be used (page 20).
Ace Rules will be used (page 21).
Rookie pilots and pre game damage are permitted.

Special Abilities will be used (page 22) and paid for according to the Ares Games point system (download from Ares Games website). The following special abilities are permitted:
Lucky Pilot
Strong Constitution
Fire Expert
Itchy Trigger Finger
Perfect Aim
Super Ace = 12 points
Technical Eye = 7 points

Squadrons are limited to 335 points based on Ares Games official points value chart (download from Ares Games website – Any Wings of Glory or Wings of War aircraft are eligible.
For example:
• 2 X Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3 = 334 points
• 2 X Supermarine Spitfire Mk I = 326 points
• 2 X Mitsubishi A6M2 (Zero) = 312 points
• 2 X Hawker Hurricane Mk I = 288 points

Bring your favourite fighter planes, movement deck, damage counters and range ruler.

1. Straight up dog fight: aircraft are deployed anywhere on your own baseline. Players dice to see who begins deployment. Higher roll decides who begins, then players alternate deploying aircraft one at a time.
2. Delayed Wingman: wingman is deployed anywhere on your own baseline but leader is deployed one range ruler forward from wingman’s rear edge. Dice off to see who deploys first. Optional: clouds.
3. Random Deployment: aircraft are deployed as Leader/Wingman. Dice for entry point as follows; 1 – left side within a range ruler of corner, 2 – baseline within a range ruler of left corner, 3 – baseline at least a range ruler but no more than two rulers of left corner, 4 – baseline at least a range ruler but no more than two rulers of right corner, 5 – baseline within a range ruler of right corner, 6 – right side within a range ruler of corner. Optional: clouds.
4. Defend the airfield: place your “airfield card” (represented by a red dot Ground Target Card) anywhere on your baseline, a range ruler in and at least one ruler from sides. Aircraft are up patrolling and deployed using Random Deployment. An airfield can be destroyed by strafing (14 hit points, page 36) or bombing (page 38). A single engined fighter may carry one bomb. A multi-engined aircraft or dive bomber may carry two bombs. An airfield counts as 150 points. Optional: clouds.

Game duration: 75 minutes.

Winning the game: the player who destroys all enemy aircraft or with the highest score at the end of the game wins.
How to score points: for each enemy aircraft destroyed you score points equal to its value. Aircraft point values are listed on the Ares Games point system. Half-points are awarded for each enemy aircraft reduced to below half at the end of the game.

Any questions:

Session Start Times

Easter Monday (April 22nd)
9am (Double session tournament)

Trophies and Prizes

This game/event has additional trophies and prizes.