CONQUEST 2008: 21-24 March

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The title 'Special Events' refers to variants of roleplaying games such as Baron Munchausen or non-roleplaying events such as a Trivia Contest, or a Costume Contest.


Emily 2008 Painting Competition Emily
System Systemless
Players UnlimitedSessions 1
Adult Content GCharacterisation N/A
Seriousness N/AGenre Knowledge N/A
Rules KnowledgeN/A

Each year Conquest offers people the chance to order one of our unique Emily miniatures, sculpted to fit our latest Emily artwork, and paint it as they wish to enter a painting competition.

Prizes include a 'Get Wrecked' entry (allows you to play unlimited games for free) for the next convention and gift certificates from Eureka Miniatures.

To enter simply visit the Eureka Miniatures site: and order your Emily for $5 then paint it and bring it along to the convention before Sunday.

Judging to take place at 7:30pm on the Sunday.

Please note you must be registered with the convention to enter the competition.

Sponsor - Eureka Miniatures (

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Kabuki Bunraku
Jonathan O'Donnell
System Play-test of a new system
Players 4 - 8 Sessions 1
Adult Content G Characterisation 4
Seriousness 3 Genre Knowledge 2
Rules Knowledge N/A - it is a playtest of the rules

The double suicide of the doomed lovers.
The courtesan who cannot escape her past, no matter how far she runs.
The mother who will sacrifice her own child to protect the infant daimyo.
Forty-seven Ronin.

These are the themes of Edo Japan. Come and create your own version, using the beautiful Floating World wood-cuts of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Kabuki Banruku is a game that allows players to explore the Edo Period of Japan through Kabuki or Bunraku (puppet) theatre. The National Gallery of Victoria is creating this game from its Floating World wood-cuts - beautiful images from 1600 - 1850 Japan. Eventually, it will be a computer game. But for Conquest 2008, I ask your indulgence in play testing the mechanics using tabletop role-playing (with some lovely props).

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Baron Muchausen
Lord Lee Davis-Thalbourne
System Systemless
Players UnlimitedSessions 1
Adult Content 0Characterisation 0
Seriousness 0Genre Knowledge 0
Rules Knowledge 0

To Whom It May Concern,
You are most cordially invited to enjoin with us for afternoon tea, at which we shall certainly hear an assortment of grand adventures and tall tales from such esteemed company. We look forward most earnestly to the pleasure of your company on the Monday Afternoon, starting at 12:30pm.

With Regards,
Lord Zachariah

Do join us for an afternoon of fantastic tales and heart-pounding adventure! New players as well as previous players are more than welcome, and tea and scones will be provided.

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Trivia Night
Madeline Read & Megan Bushby
System Systemless
Players Unlimited: Infinity and beyond DaarlingSessions 1
Adult Content All Ages: What do you want?Characterisation N/A: Who are you?
Seriousness N/A: Well that is the question isn’t itGenre Knowledge N/A Why are you here?
Rules Knowledge N/A: Where are you going?

Well, if you can answer the questions stated on this page - you are doing better than we are.

Come to Trivia, like you do ever year. Understanding is a triple edged sword.

*NB. This has now put me completely out of my B5 quotes....Warning, this contains nuts.

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