About Us

Get to know the team behind Conquest

Conquest Games Inc. is a registered not for profit organisation, and is run entirely by volunteers.

We, the organisers, have been gamers for many years – having a board experience of many game types, ranging from tabletop miniatures to parlour LARP (live action role-play). In particular, we have a strong and ever-growing Dungeons & Dragons player base.

As well as offering a great selection of games and special events, you can also find stalls run by local businesses who cater for the gaming community, as well as talented artists and artisans, selling roleplaying, general game, fan and miniature related products.

We welcome the generous support of the community. If you wish to help out on the day, or become part of the organising committee, please contact us.

The Team




Committee president, webmaster, digital marketing coordinator, volunteer wrangler

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Committee secretary
“Hit them with the pointy end!”
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