Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Conquest Games Convention
What is a games convention?

A Games Convention is an organised gathering of people of all ages who wish to write and present games/events to those who want to play and participate in games/events. It is a chance for people to meet other like-minded people in a safe, creative and fun environment and play those games/events they like to play regularly or that they haven’t played before.

Game conventions are often held in a public facility, such as a hall or school/university. Organisers endeavour to select a venue that is easily accessible by car and public transport, and runs the convention over two to four days.

What happens at Conquest games conventions?

Types of games/events run include:

  • Freeforms (aka. Parlour LARP)
  • Tabletop Roleplaying
  • Miniatures (both gaming and painting)
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Multiplayer Video Games
  • Demonstration Games of various kinds
  • Special Events such as Trivia Contests and Costume Contests
  • At Conquest we also have artists and vendors selling various roleplaying, gaming, geek and miniature related products.

We also have a Canteen that offers a wide variety of hot/cold food and drinks. Proceeds from the Canteen support the convention.

How can I get involved?

There are many different ways you can participate in a Conquest Games Convention. You can:

  • Write and/or run a game/event as a Game Designer, or GM (aka Games Master) / DM (Dungeon Master).
  • Come as a Player.
  • Offer to be a Volunteer.
  • Run a stall.

Please Note: If you have any special requirements, such as needing disabled access to the building, please Contact Us before the convention. This is so we can ensure you have what you need to enjoy the convention!

How is the convention scheduled?

Each day of the convention is divided into two to four blocks of three hours starting at 9.00am, 12:30pm, 4.00pm, and 7:30pm.

Each session is scheduled to run for three hours from the start of that block, leaving a half hour between playing sessions. Breaks enable you to get from one game to the next, get something to eat/drink, or just socialise and catch your breath.

There are also games that run without a schedule, where you can walk up and play any time. Great if you arrive part way through a session, or your scheduled game finishes early.


Which registration form do I need to fill in?

Anyone who is attending Conquest whether or not they are playing, needs to be registered with our event via the link that will be on the main page.

If you are a GM, trader/exhibitor, volunteer, or organiser, you still need to register.

Why do we need to register?

For legal/insurance purposes you need to register with Conquest in order to participate in any capacity. If you are playing in a timetabled game you must confirm your registration with each game/event organiser before the game/event is scheduled to commence. If you do not, the organiser may fill your place with someone else in order to be able to run it.

Please be aware that there is a chance you could miss out on a game or event due to a game/event being already filled, or being cancelled. Every effort will be made to book you into every game/event you wish to participate in. If you miss out on a game/s or event/s that you have registered and paid for, you can talk to us and we will find you a spot in another suitable game.

Why pre-register online?

Attendees can pre-register for the convention and sign up for events they want to join. Pre-registering allows players the best chance of getting into preferred games/events and time slots; it allows event organisers to see how much demand there will be for their event; it allows the con-orgs a chance to plan for how much space will be required.

Please note: Pre-registration does not necessarily guarantee entry into particular events. Although every effort is made to enter you into the events you would like to play, events are sometimes cancelled, or over or under booked such that they cannot run.

How do I sign up for game sessions?

We are using Warhorn as our registration platform for upcoming conventions.

If you are subscribed to notifications via this website, or follow us on social media, we will post out a notification when game sign ups are open.

You do not need to create an account on ‘’, but to view and modify your schedule you will need to sign up to Warhorn at ‘’.

Do I have to pay to enter Conquest?

It’s free to enter the venue and look around at trader stalls. A day or weekend pass with fee is required if you want to participate in timetabled games, walk-up games, any time games (eg: a board game library), or other registered events.

Some attendees may be granted free entry if they have opted to volunteer or GM for a majority of the weekend. We have a kind of honour system: You scratch our back by helping run or promote the convention, and we will reward you with a free pass.

Some may also be granted free entry to the convention to provide media coverage. The decision to hand out free passes is up to the discretion of Con-Orgs.

Do I have to pay to play games if I’m a GM or Volunteer?

If you are doing a combination of GM-ing (running a game), volunteering and/or playing you may not have to pay entry fees. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, however typically if you are volunteering 50% or more of your time on the day, then you will be granted free entry for the day. If you are unsure, please ask us. The Con-Orgs are happy to be flexible and work things out with you.

Are there any systems in place to help me feel safe?
Yes. Attendee safety is important to us. Please see our Anti-Harassment Policy for more details.
Is Conquest like PAX?
The only thing Conquest and PAX have in common is that you can come and try new tabletop games. In all other respects, Conquest and PAX are very different conventions!

For one thing, Conquest’s attendee numbers usually fall within the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands.

Furthermore, Conquest is entirely community and volunteer-driven. We do not receive any funding from the government or multi-million dollar businesses.

Our conventions are run at-cost. Any money we take from ticket sales goes back into venue hire, insurance, advertising, keeping the website up, etc.

Is it Conquest or ConQuest?

Conquest! NO capitalisation of the q.

There are several conventions around the world, and ours is always written Conquest. If you’re looking for ConQuest, you’re in the wrong place!

Do I need to create a character for each game?

No, you do not have to create characters to bring to game sessions at Conquest.

We aim to make it as easy and seamless as possible for anyone to participate in a new game system. All tabletop RPGs and freeforms will have pre-generated characters available. If in doubt, you’re welcome to hop onto our Discord server and ask for the GM/DM running a particular game.

You are welcome to bring your own characters to any organised RPG such as Dungeons & Dragons: Adventurers League or Pathfinder Society.

Do I need to wear/bring a costume for LARP?

Costumes are not required for freeforms (parlour LARP), but are encouraged!

Please note that replica weapons are not permitted on-site, unless prior written permission is given by the convention organisers.

When can I get tickets for the next Conquest weekend?

The best way to find out is by staying subscribed to our social media and email newsletter. We will make an announcement on these channels as soon as tickets are available for the next Conquest event.

How does your fee structure work?
Our conventions are free to the general public if you’d like to come in, look around, and browse the trader stalls.

If you’d like to sit down for a game (or stand up for a LARP), you will need to pay our day or weekend fee.

Discounted and/or free entry is given to GMs and volunteers depending on the amount of time they choose to help.

Why do we have to pay entry fees?

Although Conquest is a non-profit run by volunteers, we do have operating costs to cover; Such as venue hire, insurance, website hosting, and equipment. Any profits we make go towards funding the next convention, improving our online systems, and replacing old/consumed equipment. This is why we ask all game-playing participants for an entry fee.

Can I get a concession on my entry fee?

Yes, absolutely! If you have a current student card or Australian government-issued benefits card we are happy to help you out. Please present this to the convention staff at the time you are paying your fees in person.

Can my child attend Conquest?

Conquest is generally not suitable for young children. A reasonable level of independence and maturity is needed of players to meet financial and behavioural obligations. We try to provide sufficient information about each game/event so that you can judge its suitability. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Please also note that we do not and cannot provide a child minding service. Children under 13 must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and to prevent them from disturbing other convention attendees.

Parents/guardians must sign the registration form for attendees under 18 when first arriving at the convention.

Does your event have wheelchair access?

Our 2023 convention at Coburg Town Hall is wheelchair accessible. We do all we can to ensure this is the case at all venues we run events with.

Why did Conquest stop running at Melbourne High/Swinburne?

Conquest had run conventions in schools in the past.

Unfortunately, since 2016, Melbourne High School could not continue to offer their building. The Conquest team made attempts to find a similar venue, however no school was able to make an offer.

For the conventions in 2016, 2017 and 2018 Conquest was hosted at Swinburne University as a joint event with the Swinburne Anime Club. At the end of 2018, the anime club disbanded. Thus there were no student clubs available to help host our event.

We continue to investigate potential venues with a school style setup with individual spaces for each game, but we’ve yet to find one that is happy to have us and fits the criteria of what we need – accessibility, and PLENTY of space!

If you are associated with a school in Melbourne and would like to offer us a space to run future events, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

What is your policy regarding COVID, mask wearing, check-ins, etc.?

It is our intention to comply with government regulations at the time of the convention.

Any decision we make regarding masks or vaccination is up to the government rules, not the convention organisers.

Our current policy is that hand sanitiser will be provided, and mask wearing will be encouraged but not required.

If you are unable to attend the convention due to feeling unwell or a need to self-isolate, we will refund any pre-paid fees, no fuss. Contact us to arrange a refund.

Does Conquest offer paid work?

Conquest conventions and the org team are run entirely by volunteers (from the management team, to on the day voluteers). This is due to not having government funding or sponsorship from large companies.

Can I demo my indie game/product at Conquest?
Absolutely! We love this sort of thing. Please contact us to arrange a demo space at our next convention.
Who can I talk to if I have another question/problem?

If you have any questions as a GM/DM/Game Writer,  or volunteer please contact the GM schedule team or volunteer administrator at

For any other general enquiries please feel free to email us, or you can PM our Facebook page – You are also welcome to seek help from us as well as other con-goers on our Discord server.

Question not answered?

Please use the form to get in touch with the org team! We will get back to you ASAP.

Keep in touch

Useful information to keep up-to-date on what is happening with the yearly convention. Newsletters are sent out occasionally throughout the year, with a few more issues close to Conquest time.