Other Gaming Events & Clubs

Aside from Conquest, there are plenty of other TTRPG and gaming events across Melbourne and Australia.

Conquest: Melbourne’s Easter Games Convention is one of several gaming clubs and conventions running in Australia.

Games and pop-culture conventions are an exciting way to make friends and try games that you wouldn’t otherwise get access to at your FLGS (friendly local game store). Some even go as far to showcase RPGs and modules created by folks outside Melbourne or even across the globe!

We’ve curated a list of links to them on this page.

game expo melbourne


ARC - Australian Roleplay Community

ARC - Australian Roleplay Community

ARC is a club of dedicated tabletop role playing gamers committed to providing high quality TTRPG’s.

We encourage new players, promote diversity and respect and support the local RPG industry.

Website: https://www.arcrpg.org/

Pride at Play

Pride at Play

pride at play is a curated exhibition of LGBTQIA+ games from Oceania and Asia Pacific. It is a celebration of thoughtful videogames and tabletop roleplaying games made by queer folks for queer players.

Website: https://prideatplay.org/




TableTopCon is designed to bring together and celebrate all things table top gaming, from TTRPGS, Wargames, Board Games, and TCG’s.

Website: https://www.ttcon.com.au/


Caligo Mundi

Caligo Mundi

A freeform and live action role playing club based in Melbourne, Australia. Games are typically run once a month with ongoing stories.

Website: https://www.caligomundi.com/



A family friendly open board gaming event over the 4 days of Easter in Melbourne, Australia.

Website: http://ozbunnycon.com/

Western Australia

Blackwood D&D Winterfest

Blackwood D&D Winterfest

Blackwood D&D Winterfest is an annual two-day Dungeons & Dragons game event in Bridgetown, Western Australia.

Held on the last weekend of the July school holidays, Winterfest is an opportunity for Players and Dungeon Masters to get together and play the world’s premiere fantasy roleplaying game.

Each day has two 3-hour morning and afternoon play sessions, and a 18+ evening event on Saturday night.

Website: https://www.dndwinterfest.com.au/

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