Run Your Game at Conquest

Whether it’s a popular title you’re passionate about, or an indie RPG of your own creation, we welcome it at Conquest Games Conventions in Melbourne!

Thinking about running an event at Conquest? Thank you! As a volunteer run convention, it is the efforts of yourself and people like you that make this convention possible! Our goal is to have Conquest be a place where gamers of all types can come and enjoy the long weekend each year and have an awesome experience.

Why run a game or event at Conquest?

  • It’s fun and entertaining!
  • Opportunity to have your game/event played by both local and interstate players
  • Opportunity to run a game/event in a great venue and in an environment that is safe and nurtures creativity and originality
  • Exposure to new games/events
  • Exposure to other writers/GMs

You don’t need to have written or run a game or event before, or even have attended a games convention to take part in Conquest. We are always looking for new writers and GMs to present games/events at our conventions.

Game submissions for 2024 have now closed, but if you would like to contact us about a game you’re thinking about running, or have another question regarding running a game at Conquest, please email us!

There’s also more details on what’s involved with running a game for Conquest in our Game Presenter and GM’s Guide.

demo ttrpg at melbourne game convention