Attend Conquest

Play, help, run a game, or trade?
Thinking about running an event at Conquest? Thank you! As a volunteer run convention, it is the efforts of yourself and people like you that make this convention possible! Our goal is to have Conquest be a place where gamers of all types can come and enjoy the long weekend each year and have an awesome experience.

Why run a game or event at Conquest?

  • It’s fun and entertaining!
  • Opportunity to have your game/event played by both local and interstate players!
  • Opportunity to run a game/event in a great venue and in an environment that is safe and nurtures creativity and originality!
  • Exposure to new games/events!
  • Exposure to other writers/GMs!

You don’t need to have written or run a game or event before, or even have attended a games convention to take part in Conquest. We are always looking for new writers and GMs to present games/events at our conventions.

If you would like to contact us about a pre-submitted game or need help, please email us!