Miniatures Games

Miniatures games are just like the description sounds; games that involve miniature models. Tiny tanks, soldiers, and scenery are spread out in an amazing display across large tables.


For those that like their games tactical, there are a selection of wargames and miniature events spanning the weekend. These may require BYO miniatures, so best to check if you aren’t sure.

Want to sign up for some of these events?

Conquest registration and game sign ups are now open!

Conquest: Last Argument Of Kings/First Blood

Presented By: Dom

Para Bellum Games’ first product – Conquest – is now in the market. Conquest is a miniatures tabletop fantasy game that offers players the opportunity to play with two game styles.

The Last Argument of Kings: A mass fantasy battle, rank, and flank style of big table play.

First Blood: A fast-paced skirmish style of gameplay.

Demo a couple of rounds or a full game! Miniatures for this event will be supplied. 

Player Capacity: 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2
System: Conquest
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG.
Seriousness: Moderate, but on the less serious side. (2/6)

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Presented By: Leigh Avery

A 4 round miniatures gaming event for Marvel Crisis Protocol (by Atomic Mass Games) using the Organised Play rules system (available on the AMG website).

This is a bring-your-own miniatures tournament game.

Please note that new mission cards have been released by AMG on their website. The event will use Longshanks for list submission and player game pairings on the day.

Player Capacity: 16
System: Marvel Crisis Protocol
System knowledge required: High. Understanding of the system is required to play. Requires own equipment.
Rating: M.
Seriousness: On the serious side. (5/6)

One Page Rules

Presented By: Domino

Warplings Wargaming Club does One Page Rules at Conquest!

Join the team as we take you through two different systems offered by One Page Rules. These games are quick, easy to learn and, most importantly, fun to play. 

Miniatures for this event will be supplied. 

GrimDark – Firefight

Lead a small squad of troops across a battlefield in a sci-fi universe at war. The galaxy is in turmoil, where powerful factions and alien races are locked in a struggle to control valuable resources and territory. The technology in this universe is advanced, with faster-than-light travel and powerful weapons, but the origins and true capabilities of this technology still need to be fully understood.

The war is fought across a wide range of environments, from deep space to planets and asteroids, and the battles are intense and brutal, with ships and soldiers using advanced weapons and tactics to gain an advantage. The universe is full of uncertainty and secrets, and the true nature of the war and the various factions fighting it are open to interpretation.

Age of Fantasy – Skirmish

Your Small warband in a mites of a land of magic and mystery, where ancient ruins and powerful artifacts hint at a rich history, but the true origins and nature of the world are shrouded in mystery.

The world’s landscape is diverse, with towering mountains, dense forests, sprawling deserts, treacherous swamps, and dark, underground realms. It is a world full of uncertainty and secrets, and there are many opportunities for adventure and discovery for those brave enough to seek them out.

Player Capacity: 2 per table
System: One Page Rules
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session
Rating: PG. War theme.
Seriousness: Average. (3/6)

Tiny Teddies Go to War

By: Ivan

Battle has once more spilled out of the biscuit barrel and onto the tablecloth.

Do you have what it takes to fight to the last crumb?

TINY TEDDIES GO TO WAR returns to Conquest!

Four edible armies (chocolate, honey, choc chip, and hundreds & thousands) along with their gummi commandos and lumbering tedd-naughts go head to head in a diabetic coma of craziness complete with gingerbread terrain and Killer Python measuring tape. Random events see vicious snakes come alive to attack troops, eggs hurtling to Earth from the Kinder Galaxy, Caramellow Mercenaries with shifting allegiance, and many other edible surprises.

Each army will be controlled by a team of at least two players. At the end, one team will be declared the winner.

(COVIDsafe practice will be employed. Though eating your dead is encouraged it is by no means essential.)

Player Capacity: 12
System: Tiny Teddies Go to War
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: G.
Seriousness: Not Very (1/6)