Conquest 2021 is now over and – for those that made it – we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! We were glad to have been able to run again this year.

We would like to thank all the Helpers, GMs, sponsors, and everyone else who made the convention possible. Conquest would not be what it is without your generous support.

For those who attended this year, we would love to hear your feedback. We have prepared a survey which is completely anonymous. Please let us know what we did well, and what we could do better for next year.

Before you go ahead and leave comments, here are some things to note about this weekend:

Lockdowns: Given the on-and-off lockdowns, and easing of restrictions, we had to do a lot at the last minute. This unfortunately meant having to make some adaptations quickly, and limitations in our options for equipment.

Warhorn: As this was our first weekend using Warhorn for all game sign ups, we are aware there have been some teething issues. We have already been listening out for feedback in the lead up, and across the weekend. For future conventions, we are currently investigating solutions that do not involve registration and sign ups on different websites.

Venue: For those who have been to a past Conquest in a school – we had lots of feedback regarding this in 2019. We would love to have been able to run the convention in this setting again. Unfortunately, neither Melbourne High, Swinburne, nor any other school have been able to help us out with lending us their buildings. If you or someone you know is connected to a school or venue that would work well for Conquest, please put us in touch!

If you attended Conquest 2021, and would like to share feedback, please find our survey here:

If you were not able to make it on this occasion, don’t fret! We are fully intending to run Conquest again in 2022 – as long as forces of nature don’t stop us! We are also happy to accept expressions of interest from GMs, traders, and other attractions/exhibits for Conquest 2022 right away. (Although we may not respond very quickly as all us Con-Orgs are feeling like a break is due!)

You are also welcome to email us at if you have any feedback, questions, or need help with anything else.

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Conquest 2021 was proudly sponsored by:
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