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Board Game Smorgasboard

Presented By: Robert and Andrew

A collection of games to play to add variety to your day.

Ghost Fightin Treasure Hunters

In Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters, a.k.a. Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister!, four intrepid treasure hunters are on a quest, searching for precious hidden jewels, but the phantoms in this house do not give up their bounty easily. As their ghoulish numbers grow, the treasure hunters must work together to acquire all eight jewels and escape the house before it becomes fully haunted or else face their own gruesome demise.


The KLASK game board is shaped like a ball field with two deep holes functioning as goals in each end of the field. In the middle of the field, three white magnetic pieces serve as “obstacles” – do NOT attract them to your own gaming piece! Your gaming piece is a black magnet. You control it by holding a large magnet under the board. This magnet is connected to a small magnet placed on the field. The purpose of the game is to push the small, red ball around on the field with your magnet/gaming piece, shoot the ball past the obstacles and your opponent and into the goal hole (Klask). It’s so much fun when your opponent suddenly is covered in white obstacles or you drop your gaming piece into the goal – something which might happen if you get a little too eager!

Catapult Feud

Two households, the Chauforts and the Cunningfields, both alike in dignity, in their fair kingdoms. If only there wasn’t that ancient grudge! Build your castle, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!

Player Capacity: 2 to 4 per game
System: N/A
System knowledge required: None. System/s will be taught during the session.
Rating: G.
Seriousness: Not very. (1/6)


Doom: The Boardgame

Presented By: Trevor

It was a lovely day in hell. The Cherubs were singing in the goretrees, and all around was the playful scuttling Trites in the paingrass. All of a sudden there are walls and corridors and you can’t find your friends worst of all there are crazy Humans with Guns and Chainsaws!

Can you escape to the portal to return to your idyllic homeland, or will you end up on some scientist’s table?

Over the years I’ve played the monsters over and over again. This time you’re a Hellknight running a gauntlet of insane marines to get to the portal and get home.

Player Capacity: 1 to 3, runs best with 3.
System: Doom
System knowledge required: None. System/s will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG. It’s Doom, It’s Full of Doom.
Seriousness: Moderate, but on the less serious side. (2/6)

Robo Rally

Presented By: Tarquin (Rabitldr)

European Edition Dependant on Supply Chain

Robo Rally is a fun game for new players as well as experienced ones. We run the 90’s version of the game with a point system with 30 years’ worth of game testing, so the program knows what it’s doing. It’s so we know who won. The point system helps you decide who to hunt down and ram into a pit. Do not fear the point system.

As of the time of writing the main organiser has started to purchase game boards from the German release, and at least one completely unknown board to player or bot is on the way with more to be bought. This should encourage older players to visit the table, and new players to come along and watch the older players look at the board in bafflement.

Not available in stores unless some company comes to their senses because they like money.

Player Capacity: 2 to 24
System: Robo Rally
System knowledge required: None
Rating: G.
Seriousness: Not Very. (1/6)