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Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Presented By: Tarquin (Rabitldr)

In space no one can hear you scream…and at the convention we’d like you to respect those at the other tables

If you know the movie Aliens this is your game. It’s as near to the movie as you can get in board game form. You can be Huden on your own with a team of grunts you control or a team of 6 working together…or mostly together if one of you is Burke.

Can’t find the game on shelves? Missing an expansion? We’ve got all of them. Play in one session or three, each night it gets harder but there’s bigger reward, more bugs to hunt. The hallway is clear? Wait…I’ve got movement…Hicks is now surrounded by 16 Aliens…

Player Capacity: 1 to 12 (up to 2 tables of 6).
System: Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps.
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG. The game is faithful to the movie and has naughty words on the cards.
Seriousness: Moderate, but on the less serious side. (2/6)



Presented By: Trevor Smith

Doom is a brutal boardgame of survival in a mars base that has been invaded by deamons and mutants.

This time you have to shut down the generators that are opening random portals filled with monsters.

You will die, that is inevitable. However, will you be able to work together well enough to succeed as well?

Player Capacity: 1 to 3, runs best with 3.
System: Doom Boardgames.
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG.
Seriousness: Moderate, but on the less serious side. (2/6)



Presented By: Chris L

“I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to death, nor known to life….”

Fate/Domination is a fan made and expanded reconstruction of the official Fate/Stay Night Board Game “Dominate the Grail War: Fate/Stay Night”

In the game 4-7 players will be fighting for control over the Holy Grail in a drawn out deathmatch lasting 11 days (rounds). From the end of the 8th night on the weakest players will be cut from the game until only one player remains.

The game contains characters and makes reference to the story of games, novels, manga and anime in the Fate franchise, namely:
Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate Extra and Fate/Grand Order.

Player Capacity: 4 to 7.
System: Fate/Domination (Fan updated Dominate: Grail War).
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG. While the series itself is for a more mature audience, the game is largely tactical.
Seriousness: Average (3/6)

Robo Rally

Presented By: Tarquin (Rabitldr)

Robo Rally, it’s an old game, program your Bot, run around boards you’ve known that have been around longer than you have… till now…

There’s a new Robo Rally! The rules? Er… we don’t care! New Boards? Oh YES! The Main Program has spent quite a bit of credits so you don’t have to! The Main Program has fought the supply chain and won!

The new version of the game is out. The new rules? They aren’t exactly backward compatible, like trying to use an Apple IIe to play Doom, it would be nice but that’s isn’t happening. The boards though? They work just fine and ALL of them will be available at Conquest for the very first time, (at least that’s what my email this morning says and the delivery is on the way) and at your disposal. With new boards there’s going to be a lot of interest so sign up early!

Player Capacity: 2 to 24+
System: Robo Rally (Old School)
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: G.
Seriousness: Not Very. (1/6)


Tabletop Game Designers Australia

TGDA present the works of new local game developers. Over the course of the convention, the designers will be demoing the following games:

By: Adam Obren

An abstract strategy game for two players.

Hunt for a space to place your buttons on the grid. Move your buttons according to the number of holes in it, while avoiding your opponent’s bridges. Swap places with any other button by moving to its location. Fill any row with your buttons to win!

Run time: 20-30 minutes
Player Capacity: 2
Rating: G

By: Mike Bantick

2-6 Clones become self aware trapped in the lab they were created. They must combine their efforts to destroy the killer robot that is hunting them, and then only one of them can escape with the revealed biolock key.

Clones is a game where players will build up their characters through implants and combine their skills to destroy the Cleanser that uses a unique card system of movement and targeting. It is quick paced game of picking the right moment to backstab your friends.

Run time: 45 minutes
Player Capacity: 2 to 6
Rating: PG

Warriors of Legend
By: Ryan Higgins

Warriors of Legend is a historically accurate 1v1 card dueller. Take control of a warrior from medieval times, and duel against another, to prove once and for all yours was the best. Everything from Arms and Armour to Combat Manouevres is historically accurate, and each warrior archetype has two differing weapon loadouts. Choose from: Catalan Almogaver, Norse Berserker, German Landsknecht, or Japanese Samurai.

Run time: 30 to 40 minutes
Player Capacity: 2
Rating: PG

Appetite For Adventure
By: Dylan O’Dwyer

A casual family-friendly dice placement game about slaying monsters and cooking them up to sell in your restaurant.

Run time: 20 to 30 minutes
Player Capacity: 2 to 4
Rating: G

System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.


Wartide Card Game

By: Lachlan Peterson

Wartide is a local Melbourne designed expandable card game officially releasing mid 2024. Take control of the guns and tanks of Empira, the divine cult of the Null, or the hyper-capitalist furrys in mechs of Kegawa. Build your units and march across the battlefield to capture your opponent home base for victory.

More information about Wartide is available at

Player Capacity: 2 per game.
System: Wartide.
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: PG. War themes.
Seriousness: Moderate, leaning toward serious. (4/6)