Freeform RPGs

Freeform RPGs (also known as Parlour LARPs) usually involve large groups of people per session. Usually there’s more than 6, and sometimes more than 20. In a typical freeform rpg, all players gather into one large room or open space for the game session.


In freeform games, emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming. Costumes are usually not required, but are often encouraged.

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TattleTales: Immersive Tarot Card Storytelling

By: Ponydog Productions (@ponydogprod)
in association with Bards For Hire (@bardsforhire)

Nominated for Best Theatre at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, venture into an enchanting den of stories, secrets and sorcery for an immersive 70-minute adventure. With the mysterious Storyteller as your guide, draw tarot cards, discover your destiny, and make decisions that will determine how your story unfolds.

Premium event involves a $5 surcharge, with a keepsake for all participants.

Player Capacity: 12, will run twice per session. (Can be extended depending on interest)
System: N/A
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: PG. The performance is improvised and may contain adult themes and/or coarse language (with audience consent). Audience interaction is encouraged but entirely optional.
Seriousness: Average. (3/6)


By: Penny Sullivan, Jason Chappel, and Charlie Tonotore, with additional editing and sensitivity reading by Melody Watson.

Previously run at Phenomenon 2022.

The city of Serenis has outlawed magic, the woman’s curse. The evils of witches, mediums and fortune tellers will be stamped out! As a result, the black-market sale of magical items and services is a highly profitable, if risky, business. Criminal gangs, or covens, of witches operate large empires of illegal activity, with kick-backs and bribes going to the corrupt city officials who allow them to proliferate. Belonging to a powerful coven is a quick path to wealth and respect which women in Serenis would otherwise never have. But they are playing a dangerous game and, as criminals who operate outside the law, they are perfectly willing to resort to violence and murder to get what they want.

They meet at the Moonshine Club, where people can buy and sell magical services and items, alongside alcohol and entertainment. The leaders of the reigning Magliocco Coven are meeting the Mayor and Chief of Police to renegotiate their deal for the next electoral term. Their rival, the Nightshadow Coven, is having a change of leadership and the lieutenants are jockeying for control. The Nightshadows may seek an alliance with the neutral Novak family of mediums or the mysterious Reynard Ecclestone and his business partners. The Arends girls are at the club for a night on the town, but they each have their own reasons to be here besides. Meanwhile the Soul Slingers Jazz Band struggle to keep their dream alive; a nice girl from out of town has hired a private eye to find out who killed her brother; and then there are the ghosts…

Moonshine will focus on gender-based inequality in a way that echoes the very real issues of racial injustice that were historically associated with, and the cause for, much organised crime. Prohibition of substances has historically been used as a tool to suppress BIPOC people, particularly in the United States. These injustices, and some of the responses to them, continue in various forms to this day.

All characters will be gendered, including trans-femme, trans-masc and non-binary characters. However, players are welcome to play characters of genders different to their own.

One-line game summary: Darkly feminist occult speakeasy freeform for up to 33 players

While the game will include gender-based discrimination and oppression, there will be no plots involving rape or sexual assault. There’s enough disadvantage and oppression without it.

Player Capacity: 15-33. Second session to be added if one reaches capacity.
System: Custom, rules-lite, consent-based
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session
Rating: M. Drug use and substance abuse references, violence, suicide references, domestic violence references, mature themes, deals with strong themes of oppression and resistance especially sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Not recommended for children.
Seriousness: Very. (6/6)

12 / 1

By: Random

Tinker, Tailor;
                                   Where am I?
Soldier, Sailor;
                                   Why am I here?
Rich Man, Poor Man;
                                   What is going on?
Beggar Man, Spy?
                                   Who am I?

A game for 12 players by Random. No props, no costumes, just character. Players are recommended to get their character packs early so you have enough time to read everything. Character packs will be available from registration onwards.

Player Capacity: 6 to 12. Best with 9+
System: Systemless.
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: MA 15+. Contains adult themes.
Seriousness: On the serious side. (5/6)


By: Random

“This is a secure area. All non-essential personnel are to report to their designated emergency shelter. All visitors are to be directed to the basement emergency shelter.

“This facility is now in Lockdown.”

Is it a terrorist attack? A drill? False alarm? Who knows…

People going about their business, doing whatever it was they were supposed to be doing. No common link other than location, and now crammed together for an unknown duration. Sit down, relax, stay calm. The room is secure, they guarantee that. The people? That’s another matter…

Lockdown is a freeform for 13 individuals who happened to be in the wrong government building at the wrong time.

Player Capacity: 10 to 13
System: Systemless.
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: MA 15+. Sexuality and adult themes.
Seriousness: On the serious side. (5/6)