Freeform RPGs

Freeform RPGs (also known as Parlour LARPs) are characterised by a typically larger group of players acting as their characters directly, often in real-time. Usually there will be more than 6 players, and sometimes more than 20. In a typical freeform RPG, all players gather into one large room or open space for the game session.


In freeform games, emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming. Costumes are usually not required, but are often encouraged.

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Beyond the Threshold

By: Ivan

A ghost story in triplicate

A theatrical roleplay with an emphasis on performance and improvisation studying the life, death, and afterlife of three distinct characters.

Partly inspired by Wraith: the Oblivion, each story in Beyond the Threshold is unique and designed by the players and performers involved in the session. No two tales are ever the same.

Audience and spectators are welcome and encouraged.

Player Capacity: 9 to 18.
System: None
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: MA 15+. Some serious or confronting themes may occur.
Characterisation: High. Performance is integral.

The Diaries of Trask Book One: As the night falls.

By: Pagrin

In the year or our lord 1109 The Earl of Trask and his lady wife a celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary. Local nobles and honoured guests are attending to feast and be entertained. It is a chance to find out news, make deals, and establish alliances for the coming years. Very much not an evening of plots and skullduggery, why would you think such a thing?

Player Capacity: 15-20 (To be confirmed)
System: N/A
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: MA 15+. Medieval morality.
Seriousness: Average. (3/6)

Lights Out!

 By: Fi

April 1941 – A time of War

As the sound of yet another air raid siren sounds across the dark, into the darkened and already almost empty streets of London. For those who are out it the call for them to head nearest air raid shelter for refuge. For many it is Tube Stations, scattered through the city, that they head. These deep large tunnels are perfect for this task, keeping people safe until the waves of enemy bombers finally retreat, heading back across the channel.

But not all is at is seems…

What most of the gentle folk of London, and indeed, of Europe, are unaware of is the magical war which rages parallel to the physical conflict of steal and guns. Secret regiments managed by the highest levels operate a covert crusade against the enemy as each side seeks whatever occult advantage.

The Germans have their Ahnenerbe, Himmler’s relic hunters searching to summon the power of the ancients, the Russians have the Night Witches, who not only fly the most dangerous missions but can control (or so it is said) the weather, and the British… the British have the Girl Guides. A seemingly harmless gaggle of young ladies who have not only sworn to protect the classified secrets they transport but are learning the mysteries of Britannia herself.

The next stage in this secret war is about to be played out in the unassuming air raid shelter of Clapham Common. The discovery of the body of a young man, still warm to the touch has sent a shockwave through those who made their way into its depths. Perhaps it would be wise to find a different place to wait out the raid?

The sound of a metal door closing tells you it’s too late as the air warden locks the doors. The uncomfortable wait begins, and questions start to form in the minds of the living:

  • Who killed that nice looking young man?
  • Was it someone in this shelter?
  • Where’s my Nancy?
  • Why is the tea never hot enough in these blasted shelters?
  • Will my house still be standing after the raid?
  • What happens when the lights go out?

A British stiff upper lip murder mystery set at the height of the Blitz for 15–20 girl guides, bewildered civilians, politicians, racketeers, and saboteurs.

Player Capacity: 15 to 20.
System: Simple custom rules.
System knowledge required: None. System will be taught during the session.
Rating: M (But could end up with a PG).
Seriousness: Average. (3/6) – British WWII Gallows humour, magic, ghosts, rations, the inevitability of death, and a good cup of tea.

Tap here to view the Lights Out Character List

Freddie Wright – Air Raid Warden

Toby Millar – Neatly dressed and out for a night on the town with his ladyfriend

Ophelia Edmondson – Dancehall Girl out with her young man

Kitty (Katherine) Watts – A charismatic but sad looking Girl Guide

Em (Emily) Poole – A very business like Girl Guide

Vicky (Victoria) Pendleton – A dreamy and distracted Girl Guide

Art (Arthur) Fitzwilliam 5th Baron of Hyfern Forest – A well dressed young man with the title of Baron

Tommy Simpson – A scruffy Lorry Driver

Major Jessica Allen – The neatly dressed Army Major

Sgt Edward (Eddie or Ed) Cummings – An Airforce Pilot on leave

Tessie Dew – A Nurse on a night out

Maeve O’Donnell – Housewife and Aunt of Kitty Watts

Badger O’Donnell – Retired Electrician and Uncle of Kitty Watts

Bev Burton – Housewife who looks quite worn out

Titch – A scruffy looking teenager

Hilary Carrington-Jones – The famous and well dressed Private Detective

Senior Sargeant Shane Kennard – Senior Police Officer

Constable John (Jonny) – Jones Junior Constable

Hon. William Richardson – A well known Politician

Reverend Tobias Green – The respected Reverend, Church of England


By: Random

“There’s a storm comin’ Pa, a real big one.”

“I’m scared Pa, real scared!”

A small town in the Midwest, and the rain is coming down so hard that only a fool would be out there tonight. And so it is, for locals and visitors alike, as they sit inside the Saloon, waiting for the weather to pass.

There’s a change in the air, something’s coming. Something big…

A Deadlands freeform for 18 people smart enough to stay in from the rain.

Player Capacity: 15 to 18. Best with 18.
System: Systemless.
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: M. Contains adult themes including death.
Seriousness: Moderate, leaning toward serious. (4/6)

The Wake

By: Travis Hall

The Nyngan region of central New South Wales has seen hard times in recent years. Though some other areas have fared worse, Australia’s worst drought in living memory has devastated many farms here.

In amongst the barren fields, though, remains one farm where the wheat still grows healthy and golden. A house too empty for too long is filled with people. Owner Trevor Sheppard had looked forward to seeing scattered family and friends again. He just wishes this reunion could have been under better circumstances.

The Sheppard family have gathered to say farewell to a loved one, lost far too soon. It isn’t the first such gathering in recent days. They know it won’t be the last either. But this is the one when nobody can tell them why.

A murder mystery with a supernatural twist for 15 family members, friends, and unexpected visitors.

The Wake was first run at Arcanacon XXV in 2007, and is set in that year.

Player Capacity: 15. Second session to be added if one reaches capacity.
System: N/A
System knowledge required: None.
Rating: PG. Death, grief, and sexuality (not sexual content)
Seriousness: Moderate, leaning toward serious. (4/6)

Tap here to view The Wake Character List

Trevor Sheppard, 49, owner of the most prosperous farm of the Nyngan region.

Kathleen Sheppard, 51, Trevor’s wife, a woman of strong convictions and uncommon beliefs.

Marcus Sheppard, 51, Trevor’s older brother, black sheep of the Sheppard family.

Timothy Sheppard, 24, eldest son of Trevor and Kathleen, hardworking heir apparent to the farm.

Michael Sheppard, 22, second son of Trevor and Kathleen, an agricultural sciences graduate with new ideas for the farm.

Alicia Sheppard, 18, youngest of the Sheppard family, returned home for the holiday after a year studying in Sydney.

Helen Webber, 25, Timothy’s girlfriend, born a city girl and transplanted to the country.

Janet McCarthy, 21, Michael’s girlfriend, the daughter of another farming family who are doing it tough in the drought.

Marian Doolan, 22, Michael’s closest friend, who has maintained close ties with the Sheppards despite the difficulties of her own parents’ divorce.

Daniel Finch, 37, son of Trevor’s eldest sister Caroline, grieving for a mother not yet dead.

Tomas Calder, 43, Kathleen’s step-brother, a country cop.

Kev Pearson, 27, a distant cousin, well-known local tough-guy and larrikin.

Reverend Lillian Cartwright, 50, Anglican priest for the parish of Nyngan.

Wu Meili, 28, a recent immigrant hired to help around the house and farm.

Uncle Murray Davis, 55, an elder of the Wiradjuri aboriginal people, an unexpected visitor.