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Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop RPGs are the most common type of event at Conquest Games Convention.

‘Tabletop’ gaming has been the traditional dice & paper type of roleplaying game that many con-goers are familiar with. As roleplaying has evolved, it has grown to include systemless and multiform games – games without dice, and in some cases even without a table.

Some of the most well-known tabletop role-playing games include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. Games such as these can be played all Easter weekend at Conquest!

Freeform RPGs

Freeform RPGs (also known as Parlour LARPs) are characterised by a typically larger group of players acting as their characters directly, often in real-time. Usually there will be more than 6 players, and sometimes more than 20. In a typical freeform RPG, all players gather into one large room or open space for the game session.

In freeform games, emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming. Costumes are usually not required, but are often encouraged.

Open Gaming

Open gaming sessions or “walk up games” don’t require a booking in advance to sit down for a session. They include shorter games, game demos, and board games that vary in how long they will run for.

Feel free to drop in for a shorter game or three when you have a spare session, or stick around and see what local developers have been working on!

Organised Play RPGs

This is a variant of the Tabletop RPG, and encompasses pre-written modules that have ongoing characters, typically in a worldwide campaign. Examples of this include ‘Pathfinder Society’, ‘Star Wars: Living Force’, and ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Adventurers League’.

Beginners and experienced players are welcome!

Board Games & Card Games

Come and play board games and card games over the Easter long weekend in Melbourne.

Take a break from roleplaying for some good old fashioned fun!

Miniatures Games

Miniatures games are just like the description sounds; games that involve miniature models. Tiny tanks, soldiers, and scenery are spread out in an amazing display across large tables.

For those that like their games tactical, there are a selection of wargames and miniature events spanning the weekend. These may require BYO miniatures, so best to check if you aren’t sure.

Multiplayer Video Games

Although we are mostly well-known as a tabletop games convention, Conquest also welcomes multiplayer video games that are played in the same room.

We are especially interested in seeing games from Australian developers!

Special Events

Special events such as trivia, raffles, cosplay, costume competitions are welcome at Conquest.

(If you don’t see one of these event types listed at our current convention, it means no one has offered to run it! Which means next year, that could be you!)

Artists & Traders

Get custom artwork of your role-playing character, or perhaps pick up some new dice!



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